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AdoptionThere are many things to consider when adopting a child. Not only must you ensure you are ready for the responsibility of becoming a parent, you must decide which of the many types of adoption is right for you. At the Law Offices of Kimberly J. Lowry, LLC, we will explain the impact each option will have on you, and find the adoption choice that best fits your vision of family.

Helping Families Come Together In Southwest Missouri

Our firm has been helping families throughout Missouri come together for more than 22 years. We know the options available and we are here to counsel you through the decision-making process. There are many different types of families; together we will find the one that is right for you.

  • Agency adoption — We represent both biological and prospective adoptive parents in the agency adoption process. In this process both biological parents and prospective adoptive parents use an agency to facilitate the adoption. The agency matches children with adoptive parents based on the preferences of the biological and adoptive parents.
  • Open vs. closed adoption — One of the primary decisions to make is whether you want an open adoption — where the biological parents maintain communication with the child — a closed adoption, or something in between.
  • International vs. domestic adoption — When adopting internationally, parents must comply with both U.S. immigration and adoption laws and the adoption laws of the other country. Domestic adoption, when conducted across state borders, is very complex. The process is governed by federal statute and requires that both states approve of the adoption and both states’ laws are followed. We help adoptive parents navigate both legal systems to ensure they have full rights to their new child.

Greene County Private Adoption Lawyer

Our firm also has experience facilitating private adoptions. Private adoption occurs where prospective adoptive parents have a personal connection with the biological parents, and in cases of stepparent adoption. Our firm knows the complexities of private adoption — when the biological parents consent may be obtained and how long it takes for the adoption to be finalized. We will work with you to ensure you’ve properly obtained parental rights and create a secure future for your new family.

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